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Niger Delta Scholarship Fund for Environmental Engineering


“Sampling Contaminated Water, Ogoniland.” (© Mazen Saggar/UNEP)
“Sampling Contaminated Water, Ogoniland.” (© Mazen Saggar/UNEP)

The Niger Delta Scholarship Fund (NDSF) was given by a group of conscientious individuals and corporate citizens who seek to empower future generations, especially those who would otherwise be marginalized and underutilized, to reach their full potential as productive and responsible stewards of their land and country.

The NDSF supports engineering students with a shared concern for environmental conditions in Nigeria. The NDSF seeks to create a generation of indigenous engineers, scientists, and other professionals who have the knowledge and tools necessary to restore Nigeria into a habitable and safe living environment including by remediating environmental damage in Nigeria’s oil basins.  

The donors' expectation is that each NDSF recipient will in turn, no matter the size of his or her resources, either volunteer or partner with youth, parents, schools, market women and other community stakeholders to implement at least one initiative that helps to reclaim Nigeria and encourage a sense of stewardship, maturity, and responsibility in generations to come.

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