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Melinda and Mike Lafitte Endowed Scholarship in Real Estate


In the early 1980s, Melinda Hail and Mike Lafitte met as students at The University of Texas at Austin, and both graduated from the McCombs School of Business. Having met and married as Longhorns, their shared love of the Longhorn community has kept them coming back. With two of their three children joining the ranks of great UT alumni, they tout “our family is full of proud Longhorns!”  

The Melinda and Mike Lafitte Endowed Scholarship in Real Estate was endowed on March 27, 2015 by the Board of Regents. It provides scholarship support for undergraduate real estate students enrolled at the McCombs School of Business. Of this generous endowment, Melinda and Mike said, “We have made this gift to demonstrate our commitment to UT Austin and to give back to an institution that has given us a great educational foundation along with a lifetime of friends and connections.  We have further aimed this scholarship towards commercial real estate as it has been such a great part of our life and career.” It is their hope that “this scholarship will support each beneficiary in a way that will help advance their career and interest in real estate.  Ultimately, we hope that the UT experience will develop character, knowledge and relationships.”

“We have great affection for UT Austin and have been so blessed by our own experience as students, parents of students and supporters of the system.  Giving to the McCombs School at UT Austin is a great way to help continue the great programs that are in place today and insure that our future leaders will have the same great experience that we did.” 

Melinda and Mike Lafitte
Melinda and Mike Lafitte
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