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Ya-Long Pai Memorial Endowed President's Scholarship in Business


The Ya-Long Pai Memorial Undergraduate Scholarship in Business was established in October 2011 to benefit undergraduates in the McCombs School of Business. The endowment was founded by brothers Paul and James Pai to honor the life of their father, Ya-Long Pai, and the impact The University of Texas at Austin had on his life.

Ya-Long Pai grew up in Taiwan, where he earned his undergraduate degree. He received a graduate studies scholarship to UT and moved to Austin in 1974 to pursue advanced studies in journalism at the College of Communication. He was the first in his family to move to the United States, and in the following years, his wife, Grace, and other family members followed.

Ya-Long and Grace chose Austin to raise their family. Both Paul and James were born in Austin, attended Westlake High School and UT Austin, and graduated from the 5-year Professional Program in Accounting. They attribute their devotion to UT and the experiences they’ve had to their father.

“The impact UT had on his life continues to permeate our lives,” said James Pai, who also is a UT scholarship recipient.

Ya-Long passed away in December 2010 and was laid to rest in Taiwan. Paul and James believed that establishing a permanent scholarship would not only be a way for them to remember their father here in the United States but also a way of seeing his life come full circle.

“Since our father valued education and received a scholarship to UT, it just seemed like a natural thing for us to give back to students in his name and to provide them an opportunity to further their studies and thus open doors.”

The endowment will provide scholarships to undergraduates in the McCombs Scholars Program and may also support their participation in study abroad programs, case competitions, and leadership programs.

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