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Peggy and John Rathmell Undergraduate Energy Management Program Excellence Fund


The Peggy and John Rathmell Undergraduate Energy Management Program Excellence Fund was established in August 2014 to benefit UT’s McCombs School of Business. The gift was provided by Mr. and Mrs. John A. Rathmell, Jr. to honor the institution that shaped their lives and the lives of their children.

Since John earned his BBA in Insurance from the McCombs School of Business in 1979, he has maintained a close relationship with the university and McCombs. His son, John H. Rathmell, earned his BBA in Finance from McCombs in 2014, while his daughter, Laura Elizabeth Rathmell, is currently attending UT and is in Plan II and working on a business degree of her own. While at UT, Rathmell was a Texas Cowboy, and he continues to stay active with the Texas Cowboy alumni organization today.

Because the McCombs School has played such a significant role in their family, the Rathmells established this endowment to honor and support the institution that helped enable their success.

“Setting up an endowment was our way of showing gratitude for the impact the school had on our family, and it is a way to pay our good fortune forward for future generations,” said John.

Rathmell is currently a member of the Executive Committee of the UT System’s Chancellor’s Council, which serves to strengthen and support UT’s eight academic and six health institutions. Being a member of this community opened Rathmell’s eyes to the vast impact the UT System has on the state of Texas as well as across the world, and he sees this endowment as a way to benefit the community.

“In a small way, endowments are key to the community as they underpin the financial base of the school, which ensures that the school provides an exemplary education. The community benefits by graduating students that are able to enter the workforce and ultimately build businesses and hire employees, who in turn pay taxes and support the community.”

With this endowment, John and Peggy hope that future UT graduates will use their education to pursue a career that makes them happy and will pay back their good fortune to the McCombs School or other institutions that helped them succeed.

The Peggy and John Rathmell Undergraduate Energy Management Program Excellence Fund will be used to support faculty, students, and programs in the energy management area of the McCombs School.

The University of Texas at Austin’s Energy Management Program provides a unique opportunity for undergraduate students to prepare for careers in energy. The program is an officially recognized field of study for students across all disciplines to pursue alongside a traditional degree. Students are trained in an interdisciplinary curriculum of business, geoscience, petroleum engineering, and law in order to successfully understand and meet the challenges of the energy industry. This energy-specific path prepares students for fields such as supply chain management, finance, policy, business development, accounting, property administration, production, health, safety and environment, land services, engineering, and geology.

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