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Jack Shrader Memorial Fund


Jack Shrader
Jack Shrader

The Jack Shrader Memorial Fund was established by the Board of Regents of The University of Texas System on April 8, 1998, for the benefit of the Campus Club. Gift funds were provided by The University of Texas Foundation Inc. of Austin, Texas and various donors of Austin, Texas. The endowment honors Mr. Allen Jack Shrader.

Jack Shrader was a man dedicated to professionalism in hospitality. Jack Shrader was also someone who had a flair for creativity, who enjoyed the potential for originality and fun in hospitality. He left the stamp of his unique personality on everything he did.

Jack was manager of the UT Campus Club, then known as the UT Faculty Center, at The University of Texas in Austin for 16 years. He was instrumental in establishing the Association of College and University Clubs, a national organization, where he served as an officer and member of the Board of Directors for many years. He was a positive role model for all club employees, dedicated to the highest of standards in service, management, and staff relations.

Jack hosted the Association of College and University Clubs fifth conference in 1982 at the Campus Club in Austin, and the professionalism of that early gathering reinforced ACUC in its mission to promote ongoing management education and resource sharing among clubs, as it developed the program of campus club reciprocity.

The Jack Shrader Memorial Fund provides performance awards to staff of the UT Campus Club. Jack would be pleased to know that his legacy within the University he loved and helped to create was the opportunity for club employees to learn and grow in this field of serving others with care and style.

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