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Thomas Thompson Journalism Scholarships


The Thomas Thompson Journalism Scholarships were created by Thomas Thompson to benefit students in the University of Texas at Austin’s College of Communication. Thompson, of Fort Worth, graduated from the college with a degree in journalism in 1955.

By 23, Thompson was the city editor of The Houston Press. He later served 12 years as a staff writer and editor at Life magazine. Thompson first leapt to prominence with Blood and Money, a novel that revolved around a mysterious death in Houston’s high society. The bestseller was printed in 14 languages, and there are more than 4 million copies in print. He also authored Celebrity and Serpentine. After his work at Life, Thompson became a graduate lecturer at the University of Southern California.

Even after his time in journalism, Thompson continued to claim journalism as the best foundation for any path. “No matter what you want to be in life, two years on a newspaper will be invaluable experience,” he said. “It will put you in contact with an incredible spectrum of humanity. From murder to majesty. All sorts of emotions and passions. It teaches you how to deal with any situation, teaches you how to think and organize your material quickly. It teaches you discipline.”

Thomas Thompson passed away in 1982 from liver cancer but will be remembered for his passion for journalism and writing.

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