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Dec 22, 2016 | Excellence Funds & Program Support

Founded in 1975, the Archive of American Mathematics (AAM) is the only archival repository in the United States solely dedicated to collecting and preserving the papers and records of mathematicians and mathematical organizations. It is considered one of the strengths of the Briscoe Center. It has received support in the past from prestigious educational organizations and from individual donors.

The funds for this endowment were donated by Thomas Francis Banchoff, a prolific and respected geometer. After 47 years teaching at Brown University he retired as an emeritus professor in 2014. Dr. Banchoff relied on the archive throughout his career and is actively involved with recruiting support for continued funding for the AAM. His dedication is a measure of the importance of the archive.

The funds will support the continuing growth and importance of the archive as an active resource center and promote the goals of the archive as a premier research resource in mathematical history and thought.

Knowledgeable, passionate archivists and historians and dedicated staff make the Briscoe Center a historical research center unlike any other. UT is grateful to Dr. Banchoff for recognizing the Briscoe Center’s importance to the students and scholars of the future.

Revised on March 7, 2018

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