Bestor Scholarship

Nov 18, 1997 | Scholarships

The Bestor Scholarship was established by the Board of Regents of The University of Texas System on November 18, 1997, for the benefit of the College of Liberal Arts. Gift funds were provided by an anonymous donor.

The Bestor Scholarship is in memory of three people who bore that name.

Horace Paul Bestor (1883-1962) was born on a poor farm in Iowa and worked his way through college first at Tarkio College in Missouri and then at Yale. He served on Hiram Bingam’s expedition to excavate Machu Pichu in 1911 and, after a brief successful career in education, returned to farming. After serving in the Missouri State Legislature, he joined the Federal Land Bank and was Commissioner for federal farm loans under the Hoover administration. He served subsequently as a vice-president of the Prudential Insurance Company and ended his career with a stint in banking.

Mary Rankin Bestor (1885-1967) grew up on a prosperous Missouri farm, met Paul Bestor at Tarkio College and was his wife and lifetime companion.

Barbara Jane Bestor Woodruff (1914-2003), elder daughter of Paul and Mary, was born in New Haven and attended Wheaton College in Norton Massachusetts, where she majored in Classics and was the top scholar in her year. She was part of the first wave of women to attend Yale Law School-a very small wave-in 1935. The profession of law was not especially friendly to women in those days; she was admitted to the bar but did not practice. An avid gardener, she was a lover of the natural world. She was fascinated by the classics all her life, reading Homer and Greek poetry with likeminded friends well into her eighties. The Bestor Scholarship celebrates her love of classics.

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