Gilbert I. “Buddy” Low Endowed Scholarship

Dec 11, 2008 | Scholarships

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Mr. Low, born in 1933 and raised in East Texas, graduated from The University of Texas School of Law in 1960. While in law school, Mr. Low supported himself through construction and pipeline work, along with proceeds from the G.I. Bill. Graduating with the highest honors, Mr. Low served as the Texas Law Review Comment Editor, receiving an award for his contributions to the journal. Shortly after graduating, Mr. Low went to work for the law firm of Orgain, Bell & Tucker in Beaumont Texas, where in 1999 Texas Lawyer named him the Best Plaintiff’s Lawyer as well as Best Defense Lawyer in the Beaumont area.

Along with the Gilbert I. Low Endowed Presidential Scholarship in Law, Mr. Low endowed the Carl Parker Endowed Presidential Scholarship in Law.

Texas Law Review is an independent journal, edited and published entirely by students at The University of Texas School of Law. Texas Law Review is currently the ninth most cited legal periodical in federal and state cases in the United States and the thirteenth most cited by legal journals.

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