Hubbard/Hudson Families Endowed Scholarship in Mechanical Engineering

Aug 5, 2011 | Scholarships

The University of Texas at Austin has had a major impact on the lives of the Hubbard and Hudson families for five generations.

Stephen H. Hudson’s great-grandfather, John C. Hubbard, was an engineering student in the 1890s under Professor T.U. Taylor, a founder of the Cockrell School of Engineering. John Hubbard’s son, Elliott, Stephen’s great uncle, studied engineering in the early 1920s, and Stephen’s father, John Hubbard Hudson, BSME ’49, and Stephen, BSME ’78, spent most of their student years in Taylor Hall. Both of Stephen’s sisters are UT graduates from the Business school, and his wife, Joy W. Hudson, is a graduate in communications. One of Stephen’s sons, John C. Hudson, is a 2002 graduate of the College of Liberal Arts. Stephen’s great-grandfather, the first of the Hubbards to attend college, was unable to complete his studies due to the untimely death of his father.

The UT slogan “What Starts Here Changes The World” rings true for the Hubbard/Hudson family. Stephen’s goal in establishing the Hubbard/Hudson Families Endowed Scholarship in Mechanical Engineering is to help provide access to deserving students in mechanical engineering so their families may enjoy the lifelong success and fulfillment that an education from one of the country’s finest universities has provided for his family.

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