Irene Zercher St. Clair Endowed Presidential Scholarship in Math/Science Education

Feb 5, 2008 | EPS/EPF

The endowment honors Dr. Irene Zercher St. Clair’s long and outstanding service as a teacher in public schools and as an administrator with the Texas Education Agency. In her work with the Texas Education Agency, Dr. St. Clair traveled the state accrediting the math curriculum in high schools.
A dedicated educator, Dr. St. Clair traveled the state, accrediting the math curriculum in Texas high schools.

Along with her love of teaching math and science, Dr. St. Clair was a devoted and avid UT Longhorn football and baseball fan, as well as a talented pianist. Her skills at the piano gained her “honorary” membership in the once male-only Rotary Club in Mt. Vernon, Texas. She once turned down a job as a classical pianist in Dallas so she could continue teaching and taking care of her family.

Dr. St. Clair held three degrees from The University of Texas at Austin: a BA in 1930 and MA in 1934 from the College of Liberal Arts and a PhD in 1968 from the College of Education. Her son, Mr. Jimmy St. Clair II graduated with a BS in chemical engineering from The University of Texas in 1959.

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