John and Wendy Jennings Endowed Presidential Scholarship

Aug 11, 2011 | EPS/EPF

The John and Wendy Jennings Endowed Presidential Scholarship was established by the Board of Regents of The University of Texas System on August 11, 2011, to benefit The University of Texas College of Communication. Gift funds were provided by Mr. John and Mrs. Wendy Jennings.

John and Wendy are out-of-state parents from Orlando, Florida. Their daughter, Christina Jennings, earned a BS from the College of Communication in 2005.

Wendy says that they were embraced by the UT community right away. As soon as they stepped onto the Forty Acres they got the feeling that “We are Texas.”

John and Wendy Jennings

At the time their daughter was accepted to UT, the Jennings had no idea how hard it was to be accepted as an out-of-state incoming freshman. From day one, they have been “Texas Proud.”

The College of Communication challenged and nurtured Christina’s creativity and John and Wendy wanted to provide that opportunity for other students gifted in the arts and communication.

In the creation of their scholarship, they trust that the University of Texas will continue to seek out and expect excellence from everyone privileged to call themselves a Longhorn.

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