John D. Curtis Endowed Graduate Fellowship in American History

Sep 18, 2000 | Graduate Fellowships

The John D. Curtis Endowed Graduate Fellowship in American History was
established by the Board of Regents of the University of Texas System on
September 18, 2000, for the benefit of the College of Liberal Arts. The idea for the endowment came from John Curtis’ wife, Donna, to honor him on his 60th birthday. The beneficiaries, graduate students in American History, were selected because all three of his sons, John Curtis, Jr., Bradley Curtis, and Jeffrey Curtis majored in American History. John and Jeff received their degrees from The University of Texas and Brad from Brown University. John hopes that The University of Texas can use the endowment earnings to attract highly qualified graduate students that demonstrate financial need.
John Curtis

John Curtis attended The University of Texas from fall 1958 until May 1964, receiving a B.A. in 1962 and L.L.B. in 1964. He decided to study Law because he was having trouble passing German, which was required for his previous major. After an advisor told him that he would not need to take a final semester of German if he attended the School of Law, he decided to become a lawyer.

John went on to practice law in Dallas, specializing in corporate securities transactions until 1995. Then he became CEO of an automobile warranty company owned by a client and friend he had represented for many years. John retired to Lake Travis in 2002 to enjoy the hill country, the University, and Austin.

John says that coming from a small west Texas town to attend the University changed his life and set him on an unbelievable career path. He owes much to the education he received and the joy the University’s reputation, both academically and athletically, brings to the state and its residents.

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