John F. Curry Endowed Presidential Scholarship

Feb 29, 2008 | EPS/EPF

A message from Keys Curry about the John F. Curry Endowed Presidential Scholarship:

I give this endowment in honor of my late son, John Fitzgerald Curry, whose integrity, compassion, and big heart inspired all who knew him.

John was born in Houston, Texas on December 22, 1961 to a mother and father who cherished his laughter and his ability to care for all living things. He graduated first in his class from Robert E. Lee High School in 1980, continuing his academic pursuits at The University of Texas, where he earned a bachelor’s degree from his mother’s beloved Plan II Honors Program and a JD from the UT School of Law.

In 1992 John became Chief Wichita County Public Defender, a position he held for fifteen years. John was known for the compassionate, dignified, and respectful way he represented his clients. One colleague remarked, “Remembering John will make us want to be better attorneys.”

For John to be known as “unforgettable,” “decent and honorable,” as having “a heart of gold” is a legacy of which any parent can be proud, and it heartens me to know that he is now with his mother, with whom he had the closest of relationships.

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