Judge Eduardo E. de Ases Endowed Presidential Scholarship in Law

Jan 13, 1999 | EPS/EPF

The Judge Eduardo E. de Ases Endowed Presidential Scholarship in Law is named for the Honorable Eduardo E. de Ases of Corpus Christi, Texas, a 1959 graduate of The University of Texas at Austin School of Law.

Born October 26th, 1928 in Refugio, Texas, southeast of San Antonio, de Ases became the first Hispanic to be appointed a federal judge magistrate at the age of 52. He served for 16 years before retiring in 1996.

De Ases ruled on misdemeanor cases and civil cases, handled initial defendant appearances in criminal cases, heard Social Security appeals and ajudicated matters referred by the U.S. District Court judges.

Eduardo E. de Ases

Before his appointment, de Ases worked in private practice, and in 1969 he was elected to the Corpus Christi City Council. He went on to serve terms in 1975 and 1977.  De Ases served as past president of the local bar association and as a former assistant county attorney.

This endowment was funded by friends and colleagues of Judge de Ases, and is intended to provide support for students from South Texas, based on academic merit and on financial need. The endowment assures his legacy with future generations of students who dream of an education at UT Austin.

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