Laura Hampton Rogers Endowed Presidential Scholarship

Aug 11, 2011 | EPS/EPF

The Laura Hampton Rogers Endowed Presidential Scholarship was established by the Board of Regents of The University of Texas System on Aug. 11, 2011, to benefit The University of Texas College of Education. The endowment honors Ms. Laura H. Rogers. Gift funds were provided by Mr. Robert M. and Mrs. Carolyn Rogers.

Laura Rogers with her students.

From Carolyn Rogers: “Our family’s relationship with Texas began in Memphis, Tenn. Our two children, ninth-generation Tennesseans, followed the example of Davy Crockett, who left his roots in West Tennessee to start anew in Texas. Our two children, Laura ’06 and Robert ’10, had positive undergraduate experiences at The University of Texas at Austin. The big public school experience, casual culture, creative environment, excellent academic opportunities, and exuberant sense of pride UT exhibits provided our children with the tools that continue to shape their young adult lives. We are grateful for our daughter’s adviser in the College of Education who knew Laura as an individual, not just a number, and was attentive to her educational needs. Our son also received individualized assistance from his advisers.

For UT to provide personal attention to both our children makes it a university worthy of our thanks and support. We credit the UT College of Education for preparing our daughter for her professional life and for the rest of her life. Through this scholarship in her name, it is our hope that future educators will be enriched by and benefit from the positive opportunities offered by the College of Education.”

Laura says about teaching: “I have always wanted to be a teacher. Ever since I tutored inner-city kids in high school, I knew that teaching and working with children is what I was born to do. I am a project person. I love anything hands-on. I am creative, and teaching is an outlet for my gifts and talents. I think what I love most, besides the rhythm of a school day, is seeing the outcome. I love seeing the excitement at the end of a hard lesson, the beaming face when handing back the math tests, the joy at the end of the year when I can actually see how my students have progressed. Experiencing that sense of accomplishment, I love being a part of it!

Laura with her parents, Robert and Carolyn Rogers.

“Though I currently work in the school admission office and dearly miss teaching in a classroom, I now enjoy learning about a school in a different way. Because I believe each child, no matter what the circumstance, deserves a bright future, I know I will always work to help children believe in themselves, experience life, and find joy in every day.”

Laura with a student in Costa Rica.

Even outside the classroom, Laura volunteers on behalf of children. She recently undertook a mission trip to Costa Rica, where she worked construction at an orphanage school and organized games with the children who would be students at the school. She volunteers at the Children’s Hospital in Dallas. Teaching is an extension of who Laura is at her core — someone who loves working on behalf of children.

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