Leslie and Jack Bergeron Endowed Presidential Scholarship

Dec 1, 2010 | EPS/EPF

Leslie and Jack Bergeron graduated from The University of Texas at Austin in 1979. Jack earned a degree in petroleum engineering and Leslie a degree in pharmacy. Most importantly though, they met each other at UT and began their life together there. The education they received allowed them to be successful in business. Jack has worked over 30 years in the oil and gas industry and Leslie has utilized her pharmacy degree in the retail arena while being a mom for their three children. Leslie and Jack are active Longhorn fans and have given to the petroleum engineering and pharmacy programs. Jack has supported the Department of Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering by recruiting many engineering graduates. Jack and Leslie’s daughter is a biomedical engineering undergraduate and the Bergerons are interested in contributing to the development of the students in that field of study.

Leslie and Jack Bergeron

Leslie and Jack included the University in their wills but they realized that they do not need to wait to contribute to programs that have benefited them. Jack’s employer, Southwestern Energy Company, has a generous gift-matching program, which helped the Bergerons give back to the University in a larger way. They feel that the Leslie and Jack Bergeron Endowed Presidential Scholarship will provide scholarship recipients the same opportunities that their University education gave them. They agree with the University’s motto “What Starts Here Changes the World” and feel these changes can be realized in the fields of petroleum and biomedical engineering, wherein innovation and superior analytical skills are required for success.
                                                               Amy, Jack, and Leslie Bergeron at a UT game, 2008.
Jack and Leslie Bergeron believe advanced education is the means to individual and societal growth, success, and advancement. Their UT degrees made their lives possible and now they can give back to other deserving individuals. This endowment is just one way they hope to give back.

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