Marina P. Sifuentes Endowed Presidential Scholarship

Aug 1, 2001 | EPS/EPF

The Marina P. Sifuentes Endowed Presidential Scholarshipwas established by the Board of Regents of The University of Texas System on August 29, 2001, and upgraded to an Endowed Presidential Scholarship on March 16, 2012. The endowment benefits the College of Pharmacy. Gift funds were provided by Ms. Marina P. Sifuentes. Marina Sifuentes was born in Austin to a Longhorn family. Her father and her mother attended UT and Marina received her bachelor’s degree in pharmacy in 1976. Before she graduated from high school in San Antonio, several Ivy League schools tried to recruit Marina. But she had already decided by then that she wanted to attend UT and become a pharmacist

Marina P. Sifuentes

In pharmacy school, she was an active leader in a professional student association. She was always grateful for the opportunity to develop her skills beyond the classroom. She wanted other students to have the same opportunities for education and professional development that she had. Marina believes that the most important way to change lives is to have a quality education and access to quality health care. She feels that with this scholarship she is helping people gain access to both.

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