Moreland Family Endowed Scholarship

Feb 29, 2016 | Scholarships

This scholarship, funded by Kay and Eric Moreland, provides funding for medical students who have graduated from a high school located in a rural city in Central or North Texas (rural defined by 100,000 people or less). With these criteria, the Morelands address a historical economical imbalance. Income in rural communities is typically lower than in cities, and talented students who aspire to college can often be discouraged by the cost. The scholarship was established on February 29, 2016.

The generous endowment provides tuition support for one student throughout the duration of his or her undergraduate medical education, an extraordinary gift to the future of the student and to Texas. It has been said that the success of an individual student is also the success of a community, inspiring the next generation to dream. This is especially true in small towns and cities. There is no doubt that the Moreland Family Scholarship will change the world.

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