Prentiss C. Burt Endowed Scholarship in Business

Mar 6, 2015 | EPS/EPF

The Prentiss C. Burt Endowed Scholarship in Business was established in March 2015 to benefit UT’s McCombs School of Business. The gift was provided by Prentiss Burt to honor the institution that shaped his life.

Since Prentiss earned his MBA from the McCombs School of Business in 1992, he has maintained a close relationship with the university and the McCombs School of Business.

Prentiss has been a member of the MBA Investment Fund Advisory Committee since 1998 at the McCombs School of Business, which consults investment counselors and students on their investment policies. This prestigious committee includes leading finance professionals throughout Texas and the United States.

Because the McCombs School has played such a significant role in his life, Prentiss established this scholarship to honor and support the institution that helped enable his success.

“I hope that my gift will help some well deserving business students.  Hopefully, those same students will give back to the McCombs School of Business in the future,” said Prentiss.

With this endowment, Prentiss hopes that future UT graduates will use their education to pursue a career that makes them happy and will pay back their good fortune to the McCombs School or The University of Texas.

“Study hard while you are at McCombs and pursue your business dreams.” Prentiss maintains that his MBA from McCombs helped prepare him for his career at JPMorgan.  Prentiss has worked at JPMorgan since graduation.

Outside of his professional career, Prentiss and his wife, Helen, have 3 children.   They enjoy spending time together on family vacations traveling, skiing, golfing and playing tennis.   Prentiss is on the Finance Committee of KIPP Houston Charter Schools, the board of the Houston Symphony, and the Houston Safari Club.

The Prentiss C. Burt Endowed Scholarship in Business will be used to support students enrolled in the McCombs School of Business.

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