Randy Clay Burgess University Leadership Network Endowed Scholarship

Nov 6, 2017 | Scholarships

Randy Clay Burgess, the only child of Billee and Jack P. Burgess, was the first of his family to graduate from college. His parents understood the value and importance of higher education and were enthusiastic Longhorn fans. Jim Connell (B.A., 1965, J.D., 1969) and John Connell (B.A., 1965, J.D., 1969) who established the endowed scholarship, were friends of Randy throughout his life and were also friends of his parents, both of whom are deceased.

Randy was born in 1951 and grew up in Amarillo, Texas, graduating from Tascosa High School. He earned a Bachelor of Journalism Degree from The University of Texas at Austin in 1975.

After graduation, Randy settled in Boulder, Colorado, and pursued a marketing career in the field of technology. He had an abiding love for The University of Texas at Austin and was an avid Longhorn fan. Randy shared many fond memories of his years at UT and had a sincere appreciation for how the education he received at the Forty Acres enriched his life.

Randy Clay Burgess

Randy loved the outdoors and enjoyed riding horses, swimming, skiing, and hunting, especially hunting quail, and he had a deep affection for his hunting dogs. He bagged an elk just a month before he died from heart disease at age 58 in February 2010.

With this gift Randy’s legacy is assured. Future generations of students in the Amarillo area will, in his name, have an opportunity to change their lives and change the world. Preference for awarding this scholarship will be given to students who matriculated in the Amarillo MSA.

The University Leadership Network (ULN) is a nationally recognized incentive-based scholarship program for students with demonstrated financial need. Each year, 500 freshmen are selected to begin the program. ULN includes a comprehensive four-year plan that involves leadership training, experiential learning opportunities, and university service. The ULN program helps students to develop academic and leadership skills consistent with graduating in four years.

Randy Clay Burgess

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