Stephen Joseph Tripodi Endowed Excellence Fund

Apr 8, 2008 | Excellence Funds & Program Support

The Stephen Joseph Tripodi Endowed Excellence Fund was established by the Board of Regents of The University of Texas System on April 8, 2008, to benefit the University of Texas School of Social Work. The endowment honors Stephen J. Tripodi, PhD. Gift funds were provided by Dr. Tony Tripodi, former dean of the College of Social Work at Ohio State University and currently professor emeritus there. He is the father of the honoree.

Stephen Joseph Tripodi received a PhD from the UT School of Social Work in 2007, as well as a MSSW in 2000. He is now a tenured professor at Florida State University where he has received several teaching awards, won research grants, and published extensively.

Dr. Stephen Tripodi
With his generous donation toward the creation of the Stephen Joseph Tripodi Endowed Excellence Fund, Tony Tripodi honors the University of Texas School of Social Work as well as his son. The endowment was established in recognition of the school’s ability to provide Stephen with the skills to become a successful scholar. It also honors Stephen’s hard work and his ability to cultivate the skills that are important for his career in social work.

Funds from this endowment are used to support students in the doctoral program, with consideration given to academic achievement and professional potential. These funds give students support to offset their expenses while studying.

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