Sublett Capital Ventures, Incorporated Endowed Presidential Scholarship

Oct 24, 1994 | EPS/EPF

When Barbara Sublett Guthery entered UT’s business school as a junior in 1960, she was the only woman majoring in finance at that time. How times have changed.

The University of Texas at Austin has been part of her family since her great-great-aunt enrolled in UT’s first class in 1883. Her grandmother attended in 1905 as did her parents in the 1930s. Barbara’s daughter, Katie Guthery Thurman, graduated from the McCombs School with an MBA in 1989.

After leaving the university in 1961, Guthery moved many times over 12 years and worked as a high school teacher, a junior accountant, and finance director of three congressional campaigns. She also served on numerous civic boards.

In 1979, she entered the financial world, working in New York and New Jersey. She served several brokers managing first pension funds, and as members of the pension funds retired, she served them as private clients. The then-new option of registered assistants helped her provide clients with better service and allowed her to work with clients in 28 states and five foreign countries. Clients had her cell number and knew she was always available.

Barbara Sublett
In 1995 she retired from what was then Wachovia Securities (many name changes from Bache & Company). She is pleased that young women are welcomed more readily today than when she was one of fewer than 100 women managing money on Wall Street.

Guthery joined the McCombs Advisory Council in 1986 and has enjoyed having the opportunity to help improve the curriculum, improve the quality of education, and improve internships available to UT students.

Scholarships help our students have more time to enjoy the options available at the university and leaves them with less debt. She especially has enjoyed knowing many of the recipients and following their careers.

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