The Herbert and Johanna Liebscher Foundation Endowed Scholarship Fund

Apr 15, 2004 | Scholarships

The Herbert and Johanna Liebscher Foundation Scholarship was created with gifts given by Herbert Liebscher, who cared deeply for the children of Comal County.

Herbert Liebscher grew up in Germany during the economically difficult years of World War I and the German depression of the 1920s. He came to the United States in 1927, just in time to live through the Great Depression gripping the United States. He married Johanna Tietze, also of Germany, on April 8, 1929. Mr. and Mrs. Liebscher became naturalized U.S. citizens on February 7, 1935 and December 29, 1938, respectively.

Herbert and Johanna Liebscher
The Liebshers were not blessed with children of their own. Because he grew up during periods of extreme poverty and was never able to go to college, Mr. Liebscher wanted to provide the children of Comal County the opportunity to attend college. To that end, he created The Herbert and Johanna Liebscher Foundation. In 2004 the foundation established a scholarship for the benefit of students of Comal County who attend the McCombs School of Business at The University of Texas in Austin.

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