The Honorable Hilmar G. Moore Endowed Scholarship

Jun 12, 2013 | Scholarships

The Honorable Hilmar G. Moore Endowed Scholarship was established by the Board of Regents of The University of Texas System on June 12, 2013 to benefit The University of Texas Office of Student Financial Services. The endowment honors The Honorable Hilmar Guenther Moore, Sr. Gift funds were provided by the George Foundation and the Henderson-Wessendorff Foundation.

“I think the greatest tribute to Hilmar Moore is the fact that he has been mayor of his hometown for more than 40 years. The position of mayor is one that is closer to the people than most other elected offices, and the fact that those who know him best have kept him the longest is in my opinion the greatest tribute that can be paid to an individual.”

– Governor Dolph Briscoe, 1989

Hilmar Guenther Moore (1920 – 2012) lived his whole life in Richmond, Texas, a descendant of four members of the Old Three Hundred Colonists.

His paternal grandfather, John M. Moore, Sr., was a member of the Texas and U.S. House of Representatives. His father, John M. Moore, Jr., was county judge and mayor of Richmond. Hilmar was elected mayor 32 consecutive times for a total of 63 years, becoming the longest-serving mayor in the history of the United States.

Hilmar G. Moore

 Hilmar’s first year of law school was interrupted by the bombing of Pearl Harbor. He joined the United States Army Air Corps in October 1942 and earned two Air Medals by the end of World War II. His service included an air-sea rescue flight for the Enola Gay, the aircraft used in the Hiroshima atomic bombing mission. He observed the bomb drop from 120 miles away.

Returning to Richmond in 1946 after the war, Hilmar fully intended to complete his law degree but became involved in the commercial cattle business on land owned by family since 1824. A sixth-generation rancher, he owned cattle continuously from the age of six until his death at 92.

Like his father, Hilmar retained a strong loyalty to and love for the University for the rest of his life. All three of Hilmar’s sons received degrees from UT, including advanced degrees in history, business and law. Four of his six grandchildren are also graduates.

Hilmar was candid and plain-spoken — never leaving anyone in doubt as to where he stood — but also had a big heart. He lived an incredibly rich and full life in service to his family, his friends and his fellow man.

Hilmar G. Moore

Hilmar had an enthusiasm for helping others to succeed, especially those who showed courage and initiative, and believed in the importance of helping young people get a college education to accomplish their dreams and provide for their families. He would have been very proud of the endowment established in his name by people in his hometown. In addition to those fortunate to know him, he will be honored by generations of grateful students. Hilmar’s is another great name added to the Moore family’s extraordinary legacy.

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