Thomas Strama, M.D. Endowed Scholarship

Dec 21, 2016 | Scholarships

Occasionally, a gift is given to the university with stipulations that shine a light on the character and spirit of the individual it is named for, as well as the intentions of the donor. This is such a gift. From the criteria for the Thomas Strama, M.D. Endowed Scholarship benefitting the Dell Medical School:

“The recipient of this scholarship will demonstrate the same strengths Dr. Strama has exemplified throughout his career, including listening, empathy, caring, clinical excellence and dedication to both peers and patients. Special emphasis will be placed on bedside manner.”

Lest it be thought that Dr. Strama was immodest in describing himself in these terms, the endowment was a surprise for Dr. Strama from his wife, Brenda Strama.

This scholarship encourages a future physician to demonstrate genuine compassion and interest in humanity, as well as professional dedication. In creating this legacy, Dr. Strama’s family assures that he will be remembered for his kindness as well as for his skill.

Revised on March 7, 2018

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